How to Make Concrete Steps Look Better

The steps into your home jumpstarts the first impression for any guest you invite inside. Even before they enter your doorway and crash onto your living room, they will have to go through the steps up your home in the first place. Making it appear welcoming while accentuating the design of the rest of the house is a concern you need to face and consider.

The most common material used in construction, and the material that your steps may be made up of, is none other than concrete. Chances are likely that the steps that will lead your guests inside will be made up of casted concrete.

But concrete can appear dull if not carefully designed. The steps should welcome the guest—as well you as the homeowner—and plain old concrete just doesn’t cut it.  If you want to find ways to spice up your concrete steps.

Here are methods you can consider:

Paint it Away

Painting your concrete steps can make it so that it visually highlights the rest of the house by hue. Try and sample out multiple shades to see which would fit best as the entryway into your home.

There are many different ways you can add color to your concrete steps, but the best way is to color it using concrete dye. Unlike acid-based stains, concrete dye is easier to apply and lasts you longer than most other paints.

Textures and Textiles

If you don’t want to necessarily paint over your concrete steps, consider adding textiles on top of it. Just a bit of variation whether it be brick material or ceramic tiles can add a whole new level of style to your steps.

If you are just planning to build your concrete steps, you can even mold it in a way to add texture! Since the concrete will be cast, you can ask your professional to add detailed textures using their various tools. Creating unique designs directly onto the formation of your concrete easily makes it stand out.

Slabs on Top

If you like the aesthetic of bare concrete, or you feel a connection to the grey appeal of brutalist architecture, you can simply add layers of pre-made concrete slabs on top of your steps to make it appear less rigid and more creative.

Whether the slabs are smooth and polished or appear to create character through unique textures, they are a wonderful addition to your house’s steps that can prove to not only be cost-effective but also easy to install.

Cover with Wood

Wood is a fantastic element to add to the design of your steps, especially if the rest of your house already boasts wooden accents. If your house is designed with a wooden aesthetic in mind, especially for rustic settings, then consider adding plywood to the tops of your concrete steps.

Adding a wooden finish to your concrete steps helps it to develop a character that’s more natural than the look of simple concrete. You can even decorate the surroundings to accentuate this by scattering shrubbery and plant life—further solidifying the at-home relaxing effect of nature.