How to Remove Rust Stains from Concrete

How to Remove Rust Stains from Concrete

Do you hate to see rusty stains on the concrete? Do you want to remove it but do not know how? I have several tips for you!

Now, before you proceed with cleaning the area that has rust stains, you should know and consider all the remedies that might help you and might save your money as well!

For lighter stain, you may use lemon juice or white vinegar as a solution. This is an easy step and cheaper option because these two can be found around your kitchen. Vinegar and lemon juice contain high acid which helps to remove the rust stain because acid reacts with the rust. That’s why both of these home remedies are a great solution!

Spray the vinegar or lemon juice

Pour the vinegar or lemon juice on the surface that has rust stains. You may use a pump-up sprayer for this. Spread it thoroughly and leave it for 10 minutes. 

Scrub the surface

After 10 minutes, respray it and use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub the area. You might need to give a little force while brushing it to remove the stain.

Rinse and repeat

You may rinse it with the hose or with the pressure washer. Now that you rinse it, you will see if there’s a remaining stain. Just repeat the process and you are done!

If stains won’t be removed because it was there for a long time, you may consider other mixture solution as well. There are many chemicals that you may use to remove that rust stains on that concrete. Before we proceed to the step-by-step guide, let me define first these different chemicals.

Oxalic acid is known as a toxic cleaner that removes rust stains. This can be bought on hardware or paint stores for this is also used primarily as wood bleach. To use this powder, mix a half cup of it in a gallon of water. 

Hydrochloric Acid can be used too. It is a strong acid that is used for cleaning bowls. Though some don’t suggest this because it is extremely potent, it is useful for those rust stains that cannot be easily removed, just be careful about using this chemical. To use this acid, mix a half-gallon of the water and Hydrochloric Acid in a pump-up sprayer.

Trisodium Phosphate is known as one of the most effective degreasers when it comes to cleaning concrete. But be careful of using this one because it is a strong acid too. To use this acid, dilute a one-half cup of trisodium phosphate in a one-half gallon of hot water. 

Before you use one of these chemicals, make sure to wear protective gear like eye protection and runner gloves. Also, keep this away from children, pets, and plants. 

Now let’s proceed on how to remove the rust stains from concrete by using all these chemicals. 

  • Get a sprayer. You may use a pump-up sprayer or a bottled sprayer. Fill up the sprayer with the mixed solution.
  • Spray the solution on the surface. Spread the solution thoroughly. Make sure that the are is coated with the solution. Leave it for 30 minutes or even so.
  • Scrub the surface: after leaving it for thirty minutes, respray the area then scrub it to remove the remaining stain.
  • Rinse and repeat. You may rinse the area with a hose or with the pressure washer. If there are still stains, just repeat the process and you are done!

Removing rust stains from concrete may be hard to accomplish but with the right knowledge and usage of home remedies or an acid, removing it is easier to do!