Why My AC Unit Makes Loud Noise When Starting?

Instead of cooling down your home and making you comfortable, your air-conditioner unit might just destroy your peace if it makes too much noise; especially when starting up. Air-conditioners these days apply sound-dampening technologies to make sure they are as quiet as possible, so too much noise would be unusual. As soon as you hear it make some uncomfortable sounds, do something and check it out for this might be a sign of trouble with your unit. Here are some difficulties you might face.

 Some Possible Causes:

Debris and Dirt

Every home equipment needs some cleaning from time to time and sometimes, your unit just needs some cleaning. Dirt and debris can trigger annoying noises, so it is best to start cleaning it. 

Loose Parts

Unfastened parts are characterized by banging, clanking, or buzzing noises. For example, the fan might be loose, or the blades might be hitting other parts inside the unit. Some loose screws might also be the cause of such noise. Do not ignore this because it can make the situation worse if left unchecked. It might need repairs or replacements.

The compressor needs to be replaced

Your compressor might be displaced or broken if it makes clanking or banging noises. If it refuses to start, then there is possibly a problem with the motor. It might require some fixing, tune-up, or replacement. Ignoring this can lead to a more serious problem in the future.

High internal Pressure in the Compressor

Turn off your air-conditioner if you hear “scream-like” noises. These might mean that your compressor has high internal pressure. This is highly unsafe so you should contact a professional so they can fix it as soon as possible.

Failing Thermostat

Constant clicking sound might give you a sign of a failing thermostat. This might also be because of other electrical issues within your air-conditioner. When you hear something like this, turn off your unit and call for repair services immediately. 

The condenser coil needs to be cleaned

Your unit might have trouble working and produce noise if its condenser coil is dirty. Any home equipment will do. Most of the time, you only have to clean it, but it might have to be replaced if the situation got worse.

Motor going bad

Over time, an old and tired motor will eventually make squealing noises. This will be recognizable than other noises made by your unit. It will surely let you know something is wrong. When you hear something like this, you should call for your trusted AC contractor for some help. It might need some repair or worse, replacement.

Refrigerant Leak

Among all the problems you might encounter with your air-conditioner, a refrigerant leak is one of the most dangerous. If you hear loud whistling noises from your unit, immediately turn it off and call your contractor or a technician. It is best to let them handle this for your safety. It’ll cost you a bunch, but rest assured that it will be fixed.

Deteriorating system

If your air conditioner is getting old, it might make more rattling noises. You can still make repairs but it is safe to say that it might not last much longer.

To avoid further problems with your air-conditioner, a good precaution is to turn it off in an instant if you hear some unsettling noises that may indicate a problem. Avoid using it until it can be inspected carefully. Don’t hesitate to call your most trusted HVAC contractor or technician if you think you need assistance. It is always the best choice to let them handle these problems.

Repair services and diagnostics may cost you some money, but it will surely save you from problems that will occur in the future if you ignored some signals like this. I hope we’ve helped you!